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Root Canal Therapy for Temple, Waco, & Surrounding Areas

Woman experiencing tooth ache painOur teeth are made up of multiple layers, from the outer layer of protective enamel to the inner layer where the tooth’s nerve is located. Most dental problems concern the protective enamel on teeth, but sometimes a problem develops inside the tooth. This often occurs because of a deep cavity or a traumatic injury. In both cases, bacteria find their way inside the tooth, resulting in a painful infection that substantially raises your risk of tooth loss.

What to Expect During Root Canal Procedure?

To resolve this issue, Dr. Aditi Gupta and our team may recommend root canal therapy. During a root canal, your dentist removes the painful infection in addition to removing the interior, pulp, itself. We replace the pulp with a biocompatible material known as Gutta-percha. At the end of your procedure, we cover the tooth with a protective crown. The crown improves your tooth’s strength and appearance, allowing you to enjoy better functionality and health going forward.

How Painful is a Root Canal?

One of the most common questions we get when we recommend a root canal is, “Will it hurt?” We understand that root canal therapy has this reputation, but we’re always quick to reassure concerned patients. With today’s advanced technology and treatment techniques, root canal therapy is a comfortable, straightforward process.

On the day we recommend treatment, we are happy to explain the process in full and answer all of your questions. We never want any patient to agree to a treatment they don’t fully understand. We can also talk to you about our sedation dentistry options. Nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation have given many anxious patients the courage to undergo treatments they may have put off or avoided in the past.

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