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Trusted Emergency Dentists Near Killeen, Waco, & Taylor

Emergency signOne of the defining qualities of an emergency is that it's inconvenient. Just because you don't know when a dental emergency will strike, doesn't mean you can't be prepared for one when it does. Knowing who you can turn to in advance goes a long way towards easing anxiety when an urgent dental need arises.

As your family's dental care providers, our dentists and team want you to know that you can turn to Ace Dental for help in dental emergencies. We strive to offer patients same-day dental care for their most urgent needs. We're happy to offer advice for managing your emergency until we can see you.

Common Dental Emergencies

Knocked Out Tooth

If you have just lost one of your permanent teeth, your first step should be to rinse it gently with water. Next, try placing it back in the socket it came from. If you're unable to do this, store it in a bag or container of milk until we can determine whether reattachment is a possibility.

Broken Tooth

After calling our dental office, rinse your broken tooth with warm water and apply a cold compress. The compress helps minimize swelling until we can see you.

Lost Temporary Crown

Has your temporary crown fallen out? You can temporarily reattach it with a small amount of toothpaste or denture adhesive. Remember that this is only a temporary fix. Please reserve a time to come in and have your temporary professionally reattached.

Severe Toothache

Before calling our office, we recommend flossing around the tooth to see if anything is removed. If nothing happens and your pain persists, notify us of your needs.

Other Dental Emergencies

For other emergencies, like a cut lip/tongue that won't stop bleeding or a possibly broken jaw, please visit your nearest emergency room before contacting us. We would be happy to follow up with you on any dental needs once these emergencies have been addressed.

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