Insurance & Medicaid Same-Day Emergencies Walk-Ins Welcome Open Saturdays

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Emergency Dentistry in Belton, Harker Heights, Killeen, Taylor, Temple, and Waco, TX

The doctors and staff at Ace Dental are here to help you, any time, any day. When your dental health is at risk, we will do everything we can to make sure that you're treated as soon as possible.

Because we understand that a dental emergency can happen at any time, walk-ins are always accepted and scheduled for the very first appointment slot available for the day, usually with less than an hour wait. Plus, a follow up complete dental evaluation can be done in house to ensure your continued oral health after your emergency is resolved.

Emergency Treatment Options

The most common dental emergencies seen at our office are swollen faces due to an abscess, tooth pain, chipped tooth, tooth infection, lost filling, and loose teeth.

We offer a tooth-focused evaluation by taking X-rays and treatment planning followed by appropriate treatment course, which may include:

  • Antibiotic course: In the case of a dental infection, we will prescribe an antibiotic before any necessary procedure for the best treatment outcome.
  • Root canal treatment: When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue and germs can cause an infection inside the tooth. If left untreated, an abscess may form. If the infected tissue is not removed, pain and swelling can result. Root canal treatment removes the infected tissue, fills the open space, and restores the strength of the tooth with a crown.
  • Surgical extraction including wisdom teeth: Infection, dental trauma, or problems with a wisdom tooth may require removal of a tooth.
  • Filling/restoration: Tooth pain may occur because of a cavity. Your Ace Dental doctor will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and restore it with an amalgam or composite filling.
  • Tooth replacement: If you’ve lost a tooth, your doctor may recommend a crown, bridge, denture, or implant. Missing teeth may result in neighboring teeth to shift, causing problems with chewing or with your jaw joint function.