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Your Children’s Dentists Near Killeen, Belton, & Surrounding Areas

Young girl getting dental examAt Ace Dental, we’re happy to offer services to children and adults alike. We understand that dental problems like tooth decay and periodontal disease aren’t limited to grownups. Because young children are learning to brush (and because they may not fully understand the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet), regular checkups for your little one are essential.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Before taking your children on their very first dental appointment, we recommend bringing them with you on one of your own visits. This kind of “happy visit” gives your little one the chance to become acquainted with the sights and sounds of our office. Then, when the time comes for your child’s first exam, our office won’t be completely new or intimidating.

Children's Dental Treatments Include

As your child grows, regular dental checkups with our team ensure that he or she enjoys optimal oral health. We even recommend scheduling back-to-back appointments for yourself and your children so they can see the continued role that routine care plays in your own life.

In addition to completing a cleaning and exam for your child during these appointments, we discuss homecare techniques that improve their brushing and flossing skills. We may also recommend treatment with a preventive solution like dental sealants or fluoride treatments. Dental sealants put a thin layer of plastic between a young patient’s teeth and the harmful bacteria that cause cavities. Fluoride nourishes the protective enamel on teeth by providing essential minerals.

Schedule Your Child's Appointment

Would you like to reserve your son or daughter's next appointment with one of our dentists and team? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our dental offices, our friendly team is always happy to speak with current or future patients.

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