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Foods You Thought Were Healthy May Be Ruining Your Teeth

September 18, 2017

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Woman with unhealthy foods surrounding her.Most of us understand that products with excessive sugars aren’t good for our teeth, but what about the foods we consider to be healthy? How do those impact our smiles? Every day we’re bombarded with new products claiming to be good for our health, but unfortunately, these are often laden with hidden sugars. Your dentist in Harker Heights shares some of the foods that you might be surprised to find have a negative impact on your teeth.

Fruit Juices

While most people consider fruit juice to be a healthy alternative to soda or sports drinks, the truth is that some juices contain even more sugar than certain soft drinks. Citrus juices also contain acids, which combined with sugar is a double whammy for your teeth.

You can minimize the contact with your teeth by using a straw to drink your juice. Or, be sure to follow up with water and brush your teeth after waiting at least 30 min. Brushing too soon after acidic foods or beverages can actually wear away enamel and lead to tooth decay.

Dried Fruit

You’re being healthy by consuming fruit, right? Unfortunately, dried fruits act a lot like gummy candies when it comes to sticking to your pearly whites. They tend to linger and can trap sugars on the teeth. They can also be hard to remove without brushing and sometimes flossing.

White Wine

It’s typically red wine that has the bad reputation for staining and damaging teeth. Believe it or not, white wine is just as bad because of the acids it contains. White wine can eat away at tooth enamel, leaving it vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

Combine water with your wine to help wash away the harmful acids it leaves behind.

Ketchup or Barbeque Sauce

Surprisingly, these tasty condiments are typically laden with tons of hidden sugars. Tomato based products like ketchup also contribute to stains and discoloration. Try brushing your teeth after consuming these sauces to help minimize their effect on your teeth.

If you’d like more helpful hints on foods to avoid for the benefit of your oral health contact your dentist today to learn more.

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