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Make Brushing Fun for Your Child! Your Taylor Children’s Dentist Offers Tips

July 30, 2017

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Little girl with toothbrush.Is brushing teeth a nightly battle at your house? Have you thought to yourself that there must be a better way? Would you like to know how to make it more fun for your child and more manageable for you? Here are some tips for keeping brushing fun for your child and stress-free for you.

Let Your Child Choose Their Weapon

Let your child go to the store and pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste. This will get them excited to use their new products later at home.

From singing brushes to brushes with their favorite character, there are so many fun toothbrush choices for kids! Children’s toothpaste also offers a wide array of colors, flavors, and kid-friendly options.

Create a Race

Can your kids get every tooth brushed before two minutes passes? Use a timer or download a fun app that times two minutes for their brushing. Whoever does the best job cleaning their teeth within the two minutes wins a sticker or small reward. Make it a fun event for your child.

Brush With Them

Lead by example and brush your teeth with them. Or you could let them brush your teeth if they let you brush their teeth. Let them see you brushing your teeth, and they will want to follow suit.

Give Small Rewards

Create a brushing chart and track your child’s progress during the week. Did they brush twice each day? Did they brush for two full minutes each time? Did they floss their teeth? If they complete their chart, at the end of the week they get a small reward such as a fun activity or treat.

Regular Dental Visits

Children should visit the dentist every six months just like adults. Be sure to be consistent with your child’s routine cleanings and checkups so they can build a relationship with your dentist and understand the importance of good oral health.

Consider bringing small children to your own routine visits so they can get acclimated to the dental office and alleviate any fears they might have.

Using these simple and fun suggestions will have your child’s teeth clean and sparkling in no time!

About ACE Dental

Your ACE Dental team is comprised of friendly and caring dentists who welcome children to the practice. We have convenient locations in Taylor and other Texas communities.

If you’d like to learn more about children’s dentistry or other services we offer, Taylor patients can reach us at 512 352-7800 or on our website.

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