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What to do for Kids who Fear their Belton Dentist

July 11, 2017

Family brushing teeth together at bathroom sinkDental phobia or anxiety is common among patients of all ages. In fact, about 40 million US adults report experiencing some level of stress or fear leading up to and/or during dental visits. Kids have a significantly harder time handling their dental phobias. When children fear visiting their Belton dentist and team, there are a few things parents and dentists can do to make children’s dentistry appointments less stressful.

Make Dental Care Fun at Home

When your little ones are old enough to brush and floss independently or at least begin to learn how, you can start making daily oral hygiene something they look forward to. One simple way to make brushing fun is to pick a brushing song. A tooth brushing song that’s at least two minutes long makes it possible for you to ensure your child is brushing for the full two minutes without needing to pull out a stop watch. Flossing can be a challenge for both kids and adults, but one way we help kids learn to keep up with this daily task is by letting them practice flossing on a toy. Choose an alligator, shark, lion, or other plush toy that has large, visible teeth. Let your child floss this stuffed animal’s teeth, and then, help them apply what they learn to their own smiles.

Find a Friendly Caring Team

When it comes to finding a family dentist, parents care about things like degrees, years of experience, and services offered. Kids have some slightly different priorities. Children want to visit a dental office where they feel safe and free from pain. A team that is friendly, gentle, and can take the time to answer your child’s questions is much more important for kids.

Consider Sedation Options

In cases of severe dental phobia or anxiety, dental sedation may be the best option. This is especially true if your child fights or thrashes around. Caring for their teeth while they behave in this way is not safe. We offer gentle, effective dental sedatives to keep your child completely at ease and free from pain while they’re in our office.

Meet the Ace Dental Team

Thank you for reading the Ace Dental blog. Our Belton dentist and team want to make your family’s dentistry experience as comfortable, convenient, and fun as possible. We’ve found through years of treating Belton dental patients that an educated patient is better able to choose the best treatments and feel completely comfortable in our office. Our monthly dental blog is just another tool we use to provide patients with all of the information they need to keep their families smiling. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, contact Ace Dental in Belton today. We look forward to seeing you and your children soon.

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