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Keep Calm and Listen to the Emergency Dentist in Killeen

January 15, 2017

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emergency dentist in killeen provides urgent careImagine this: it’s 2 pm on Sunday. You and your family are out for a nice bike ride; central Texas is perfect for them, even this time of year. But then the unexpected happens — someone falls and breaks a tooth. What do you do next? It’s easy to panic in an urgent situation, but it couldn’t be more important for you to remain calm. Take these tips from the emergency dentist in Killeen you can count on.

What to Do After a Dental Emergency

Keep your cool. Get the situation under control. Then call your emergency dentist. Those should be your top three concerns when something goes wrong with your smile. When you turn to ACE Dental, you’ll benefit from expert same-day care — so you can get out of pain and back on with your life.

In general, your next steps following a dental emergency should be…


  • Try to stop the bleeding. More often than not, your dentist can treat urgent situations involving the teeth and gums. But if you are still bleeding severely from your mouth after more than ten minutes of holding continuous pressure to the wound, visit the emergency room as soon as possible.
  • Be careful with a knocked out tooth. If you take the proper steps and visit our office as soon as possible, chances are good we can put a knocked out tooth back in its place. But it’s important that you keep the tooth moist — place it back in its socket or in a cup of milk/water until you can reach our office.
  • Rinse with salt water. For a toothache or oral injury, rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water can soothe the discomfort while also killing bacteria. Boil salt water and allow it to cool before swishing and rinsing the area.
  • Manage the pain. Healthy teeth don’t ache, and if you have any level of pain or discomfort in your mouth, you should visit the dentist right away. Infections or an abscess in the tooth can quickly spread to the cheeks, glands, or brain. After you’ve made plans to visit ACE Dental, take an over-the-counter pain medicine to ease discomfort.
  • Repair broken dental work. If your crown, filling, or other existing work becomes loose, dislodged, or breaks, perform some quick “surgery” to prevent further breakage or injury to your soft oral tissues. Broken dental work can sometimes be held together using toothpaste or a denture adhesive, if you have one on hand. Visit our office right away.


We’ll See You On the Same Day!

ACE Dental is proud to be here for our patients when they need us most. The next time you or someone you love experience a dental emergency, know you can walk into our office at anytime during our convenient office hours to receive the care you need. You won’t spend any extra time waiting once you arrive — we’ll have you back to see the dentist as soon as possible.

Go Ahead, Save Our Number

Stay one step ahead by saving our phone number in your phone. We’ll assess your situation and provide any additional advice you need on what to do next. Because at ACE Dental, we’re always here for you when you need us most!

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