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Need an Appointment ASAP? We’re the Walk In Dentist in Killeen

November 15, 2016

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walk in dentist in killeen accepts emergenciesImagine this: it’s Friday afternoon. You’re running late to pick your child up from school. When you arrive, you find she’s just had an accident on the playground. Everything is mostly fine — except she’s broken a tooth. What do you do?

Ace Dental patients know they can visit the walk-in dentist in Killeen for immediate care. We are happy to accept your dental emergencies, or to get you in to see the doctor when you just don’t have time to schedule an appointment in advance. We know you’re busy, and sometimes, good dental care just can’t wait. Ace Dental is here to accommodate your schedule.

Walk-In Emergencies Welcome

Whether it’s a missing tooth, bleeding from the gums, or a broken filling, dental emergencies require immediate attention — but too often, people head to the emergency room for issues that their dentist could easily fix. That puts unnecessary stress and strain on everyone. Did you know that your Ace Dental dentist handles knocked out, broken, or dislodged teeth? And of course we also treat emergencies like toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken fillings or crowns.

Children are especially vulnerable to dental emergencies. Whether it’s from playing a contact sport, running around on the playground, or jumping on the bed, we know it’s difficult to protect their smiles all of the time. So be prepared when something unexpected happens to your kiddo’s teeth — know you can always walk into Ace Dental. Teeth that remain outside of the gum line for longer than two hours are rarely successfully reattached. Make sure you seek the urgent attention you need by walking into Ace Dental for immediate care!

Maintaining Dental Care Is Easy with Walk-In Appointments

Don’t forget that we’ll welcome you even when you don’t have an emergency. Regular preventive dental care is the key to enjoying solid dental and oral health for a lifetime to come — but sometimes planning to visit the dentist in advance just isn’t a possibility. If you don’t have time to schedule an appointment, that’s ok! We’ve always got room in our schedule for you.

We Accept All PPO Insurance and Medicaid, Too

We want to make paying for your dental care as simple as possible. To do that, we accept all PPO (preferred provider organization) dental insurance plans. We also welcome Medicaid and CHIP insurance.

Don’t forget that this time of year, it’s a good idea to check in on your dental insurance benefits to ensure you’re making the most out of your plan. Have you had two preventive checkups and cleanings in 2016? If not, you may be letting valuable benefits go to waste. We recommend patients of all ages undergo a checkup and cleaning every six months for continued oral health. Find out what treatments you are still eligible for this year, before your plan renews in 2017. Then walk in or schedule an appointment at Ace Dental.

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