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Here’s Where to Find Your Medicaid Dentist in Belton

October 22, 2016

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medicaid dentist in belton offers affordable careWhere can you find the dental care your child or teen needs, affordably? If you are looking for a Medicaid dentist in Belton, you’ve found us here at ACE Dental. Our team is happy to accept your Medicaid/CHIP benefits so that those you love most can receive regular preventive care — the dentistry that keeps a child’s oral and overall health strong for a lifetime to come.

Dental Services with Medicaid/CHIP

Oral health is closely linked to overall health, and protecting the teeth and gums is crucial during childhood. Medicaid/CHIP covers dental care for children and teens in Texas.

It’s true that baby teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth, but it is still very important for these first teeth to stay healthy. Young children with tooth decay experience discomfort, low self-esteem, and may grow up to have health problems as a result of their early tooth decay. It may seem early, but regular visits to the dentist should begin around the time the first tooth appears, or around the first birthday.

Preventive Dental Care: The Key to a Healthy Smile

It’s far easier to stop a problem from occurring in the first place than it is to correct an existing issue. The same is true with your teeth. People with clean, beautiful smiles are the ones who brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly.

During the six month checkup and cleaning, we clean off the plaque and tartar that cause cavities and infection. Your child’s dentist also checks for problems like cavities and gum disease. With regular visits to the dentist, we can catch these issues early, while they’re easiest to treat.

In addition to dental appointments, make sure you and your family brush and floss regularly. Help your child brush her teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day. Brushing after each meal is an even better habit. Brush each quadrant of the mouth for 30 seconds each. Try setting a timer to make sure you reach the two minute mark every time.

The teeth should be flossed at least once a day. It’s the only way to remove the plaque and food particles your toothbrush leaves behind. Wrap a long piece of floss — about 18 inches — around your middle fingers. Work a new section of the strand between each tooth and around the base of the gum. Watch this video on proper flossing as a reminder of how to clean between your teeth.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Take advantage of the dental benefits your child is eligible for through Medicaid/CHIP. We can help you understand how it works and then advise you to help you take full advantage of your plan. Contact ACE Dental to schedule an appointment today! If you’re a new patient, take some time to complete the appropriate forms before you come into ACE Dental.

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