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School Is Back In Session! Visit the Dentist in Taylor, TX

August 15, 2016

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dentist in taylor, txIt’s back to school season in Taylor and throughout the country, and kids in our region are excited to go back to class. What helps your little one start the year off right? A visit to Dr. Gupta, your dentist in Taylor TX. August and September are the perfect time to make sure everyone in your family enjoys good tooth and gum health. ACE Dental is in-network with several dental insurance providers, and we’re happy to accept CHIP and Medicaid, too.

Don’t Skip Out On Checkups and Cleanings

While the need for preventive dental care varies from patient to patient, there’s no doubt that regular checkups and cleanings are important. During a preventive appointment, one of our expert dental hygienists will thoroughly clean the surfaces of your teeth and provide helpful tips for taking care of your teeth at home. Patient education is especially important for children, who are still perfecting their dental hygiene routine.

The most important aspect of the cleaning is removing plaque and tartar, which cause cavities and gum disease. Plaque is the sticky, clear substance that collects on the surface of teeth throughout the day. When it’s not removed through good brushing and flossing, plaque can turn into tartar in less than 24 hours.

Once the hygiene portion of the exam is complete and your teeth squeaky clean, Dr. Gupta will take a thorough look at your teeth, gums, and any x-rays we have taken to make sure your smile is as healthy as can be. If a cavity or other problem is detected, we’ll make a recommendation for restorative care.

Extra Cavity Prevention for Little Smiles

Children are still developing their hygiene techniques — and they love anything sweet, too. That means young smiles are especially vulnerable to the plaque and tartar buildup that leads to cavities. Fortunately, your dentist is ready with two preventive measures: dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Dental sealants are thin, clear layers that are painted directly onto the surface of the molars. These back teeth are covered with nooks and crannies that make them an ideal location for food particles and plaque to hide — and cavities aren’t far behind. Dental sealants are applied in a quick, painless treatment to provide years of protection against decay.

The mineral fluoride is well known for its ability to strengthen tooth enamel. That’s why tap water in the US has been treated with the mineral. While people of all ages benefit from remineralization with fluoride, it’s especially important for protecting your child’s teeth from cavities. Dr. Gupta will evaluate your little one’s need for fluoride and may recommend a quick application after her checkup and cleaning.

ACE Dental Accepts Your Insurance

We know paying for dental care out-of-pocket can put a strain on a family’s budget, and that’s why ACE Dental is happy to work with you. We are in-network with a number of dental insurance providers, and we also accept PPO, Medicaid, and CHIP.

There’s never been a better time to give your family’s smiles a fresh start than during back to school season. Contact ACE Dental to schedule an appointment during August or September.

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