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Family Dentist in Killeen for Back To School Appointments

August 5, 2016

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For back to school smiles, see the family dentist in Killeen.If school hasn’t started for your kids, then the first day is certainly just around the corner. To make sure your crew heads back to class with a healthy smile, schedule a back to school checkup with the family dentist in Killeen, Dr. Aditi Gupta at ACE Dental. And if you are new to our dental practice, then our new patient special will make seeing the dentist all the more enticing!

The Dentist in Killeen Adores Children

In addition to providing outstanding oral health care, Dr. Gupta and her team are committed to making sure your children enjoy their visit to the dentist in Killeen. We know that in the mind of a child, a healthy smile is secondary to feeling comfortable and secure while someone else has fingers in their mouth! That’s why we do everything we can to make sure children’s dental visits are pleasant and even a bit fun. We want them to have happy memories of their appointments with Killen family dentist Dr. Gupta.

Dental Cleaning and Exam in Killeen

When you bring your children to our Killen dental office for a back to school checkup, we’ll treat them to a thorough dental cleaning and exam. We know that kids try their hardest to brush well, but those little hands and busy bodies may not always do a good job. Our dental hygienists, on the other hand, always do a great job!

After your child selects his or her favorite flavor of fluoride toothpaste, we’ll clean and polish each one of their teeth. We’ll also floss in between their teeth, an important component of oral hygiene at any age. And speaking of age, if your child is seven or older, Killeen family dentist Dr. Gupta will start to monitor their bite and alignment in order to know when orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

Specialty Treatments in Killeen, Texas

Beyond the comprehensive dental checkup, Dr. Gupta may recommend a couple of treatments that significantly help your children avoid having cavities. A fluoride treatment is a quick solution to the problem of tooth decay. Fluoride is applied to all of your children’s teeth and then rinsed away after a minute. Dental sealants go on just as quickly and harden to form a solid barrier between the chewing surfaces of molars and the sugars and acids that lead to decay.

Call the Family Dentist in Killeen Today

Don’t wait for the bell to ring! Schedule your children’s back to school dental checkups today with the Killeen dentist more people trust—Dr. Gupta at ACE Dental.

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