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For a Children’s Dentist, Belton comes to Ace Dental

April 17, 2016

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children's dentistIs there anything more heartwarming than your child’s sweet smile? Probably not, but knowing that your child’s smile is also clean and healthy can certainly be reassuring. Just because those little teeth are new, doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to tooth decay and other problems. To ensure the health and appearance of your child’s smile, schedule a visit with the children’s dentist Belton parents trust to gently and carefully care for their little ones’ teeth. Dr. Gupta and her team at Ace Dental provide quality dental service for children in the area.

Happy Visits with the Dentist in Belton

Your child’s first appointment with Dr. Gupta should be scheduled sometime around his or her second birthday. But even before this visit, we recommend that you son or daughter accompany you to your dental checkups. We call these “happy visits.” They are an opportunity for your child to become familiar with the sights and sounds in our office, so that when it’s their turn the surroundings will not be unfamiliar.

First Visit to the Dentist

Children react differently at a first appointment, so we take our cue from them. We want your child to have only pleasant memories of coming to see Dr. Gupta, so that they will always look forward to their dental visits. These initial visits give us the chance to count their teeth, check for signs of tooth decay or even gum disease, and assess the overall development of their oral health. As with any other health concern, discovering a problem early affords us a better chance to treat more easily and efficiently.

Ongoing Children’s Checkups

As your children mature, Dr. Gupta may recommend a number of preventive measures to help your children avoid tooth decay and damage. Some of the most common recommendations include:

Fluoride treatments. Fluoride is a naturally found mineral. On teeth, fluoride helps to strengthen enamel, the outer layer of each tooth and your child’s first defense against cavities.

Dental sealants. These clear plastic coatings provide a barrier between teeth and the bacteria that can lead to decay. One of our dental hygienists simply “paints” the sealant on to your child’s molars. Dried with a curing light, sealants provide years of protection.

Mouthguards. As your child grows and becomes involved in sports activities, a mouthguard is essential. Get your child accustomed to wearing this comfortable oral appliance at a young age in order to protect their teeth during contact and non-contact sports.

Call the Children’s Dentist in Belton Today

If your child needs to see the dentist for a checkup or any other treatment, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Gupta at Ace Dental in Belton, TX.

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